10 Interesting Facts about Pomeranian Husky Mix


How much do you know about Pomeranian huskies? Yes, they are lovely and cute, has trademark blue eyes, and a good companion. However, they are more than just a best friend and a breed of dog with a cute appearance and colorful eyes. Read on to know some unknown facts about Pomeranian huskies that will definitely amaze you!

Also known as pomsky, the Pomeranian husky is one of the new and popular designers or mixed dog breeds. It is one of the loveliest cross breeds amongst dogs and has been gaining more popularity as the years pass by. The main reason why pomsky has gained a lot of hype is that it got the color and shape of a husky but is a bit taller or has the size of a Pomeranian. As a result, very gorgeous looking dogs. What’s more, they are really playful, smart, and loving dogs that everyone loves caring for so dearly.

Let us know Pomeranian Husky deeper with these ten unknown, interesting facts:

  1. They do not always look the same

The Pomeranian Huskies don’t have the same appearance, which other people mistake at – even though they came from the similar litter. Some have a coat that is a bit less furry, while others can be very furry. They can have a resemblance to a Pomeranian dominantly or have a resemblance to a husky dominantly.

  1. Often, huskies are blue-eyed beauties

Many members of Pomeranian Huskies have a stunning pair of pale blue peppers. Two different color eyes are also common, which we call heterochromia. It is a trait that runs in genes or in the family.

  1. Pomsky has no ideal size, they can vary

Also, Huskies can be almost any size since they are often a combination of both parents. Some are much bigger somewhere more than 30 pounds while others are small about 15 in weight. Though, the average weight of a pomsky ranges from 20 to 30 pounds.

  1. The pomsky’s temperament depends on the heritage of its parents

It is hard detecting the exact personality of a Pomeranian Husky because it all depends on each pup’s parentage. It is safe to say that these hybrid dogs are very friendly and playful. They can be friendly with kids, too.

  1. Their playful and active nature requires a good source of essential protein and vitamins

The pomsky’s food should be monitored well to ensure a healthy body. A food that is good quality is highly essential, avoiding onions, chocolate, and grapes. Overfeeding is not necessary, only foods that the dog can be able to eat.

  1. Huskies can change their metabolism

Scientists still cannot exactly determine how this works, but it is proven that Pomeranian Huskies are capable of changing their metabolism. They can sprint for a number of hours without feeling or getting tired at all while reserving their fat stores and energy.

  1. They are savior

Huskies were reported to save the whole town while in the middle of the diphtheria outburst way back in 1925. Groups of the howling heroes raced throughout a traitorous snowstorm to provide the people of Nome, Alaska with a medical serum before the particular disease could destroy more the entire town.

  1. Easy to train and intelligent

Obedient dogs are absolutely difficult to come by, and these Pomeranian Huskies are extremely intelligent and are inherently obedient. Hence, training them will not give you a headache.

  1. Long lifespan

A well cared of and healthy husky can live up to 12 years or more. Just make sure to always feed him or her with healthy food as well as get vet checkups and daily grooming.

  1. Though handsome, these breeds are not an ideal dog for all homes

For allergy sufferers and neat freaks, this breed dog may not be for you since it shed too much. But if you can still manage it and badly need a pomsky to make your morning great, then go ahead.

Now you know some cool and interesting things about Pomeranian Huskies. Though they are still relatively new on the scene of the designer dog, these cute living creatures continue to kill us with their gorgeous faces and exceptional, playful personality. Knowing these unknown facts is also important when planning to buy one for you.


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