A Look Back At The Brown Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Boots


Another Adidas Yeezy release was at the door again, “a new drop”. This time it was in the form of the 750 boots. They are basically the same as the normal Yeezy 750 Boost but in Chocolate Brown. Yes, they have the glowing sole (In the dark). With them being boots and finished in a brown, rustic colour way, they are very fitting for the time of year. If you missed out last time. this was another opportunity to try to buy an original – genuine – pair of these elusive boots.

The official release date was set to take place on the 15th October Where to buy? This was a world-wide release so some high street shops in the UK will have pairs for sale. But I’m sure you know what that’s all about. Your chances of grabbing a pair from the high street are fairly slim. Unless of course you get yourself in the queue extra early, or know someone who can do that for you.

No queuing up is needed though if you download the Adidas Confirmed App and are lucky enough to reserve a pair. If so you are one of the lucky ones you can just walk into the store, pay for them and go! However, you have to be quick off the mark with this method as everyone’s trying to snag a pair of hi tops, and also be within a reservation zone. Sizing availability can also be hit and miss. Check the App to see whether you’re in a UK (or worldwide) city that is one of the locations currently included to take part.

Got connections? If you’re friends with someone who works in a participating store where the 750’s are being released, and they are allowed to reserve a pair, or get privilege (discounts) for being a staff member then you could be in luck.

Here is the store-list of UK high street shops that will be selling a limited number of the Chocolate Adidas Yeezy 750’s. Surprisingly, there’s not that many. However, the worldwide list is much more extensive.

Adidas London
Fouberts Place

4 High Bridge

Berwick Street

The Green, Aberdeen
AB11 6NY

107-108 Shoreditch High Street

If all else fails and you are dead set on some glowing chocolate booties, well, it looks like you’re paying top dollar on eBay from a reseller. They were widely available to pre-order, or to buy instantly after the release. How much were they expect to cost? That’s down to the individual seller, but expecting to pay between £350 – £500+ would save you a shock to the system. That’s about the same price as what the Grey / Beluga SPLY V2 350’s are going for.

Despite having some criticisms of a few previous Yeezy releases, this pair, with their gum coloured sole, and other decent upgrades, the 750’s overall, including the triple blacks, are an OK looking pair of kicks. The best of the West. Still, they are not worth anywhere near what they are being sold for


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