Cool things to Buy

cool things to buy

There are a lot of cool things you can buy this year. Whether you’re looking for a gift or just something interesting to buy, there’s a lot of products you can buy that can make your life easier or just give you some entertainment.

One of the things we bought that has made our life easier is a Roomba vacuum. It’s a robotic vacuum that will vacuum your house automatically on a set schedule. This smart vacuum can be configured on your phone and clean any room regardless if you’re home or not.

If you’re not interested in wanting a robotic vacuum, then how about an ultrasonic electric toothbrush. This toothbrush will properly clean your teeth with its 4 options: daily clean, deep clean, gum care, and teeth whitening. The best part is the U-shape brush that actually allows you to just place the device in your mouth and not have to actually brush it.

Living in America, you’re exposed to a lot of alcohol once you turned 21. If you love beer then how about getting a beer caramelizer. A beer caramelizer will enrich the taste of your favorite beer but giving it a smooth and rich taste to your beer. It’s a fun item to use when you’re enjoying your favorite beer by the bonfire.

Speaking of alcohol, we need to mention the coolest cooler of 2018. This cooler comes built-in with a loud Bluetooth speaker, ice-crusher, blender, USB charging slots, LED light lid, and a bottle opener. This cooler is perfect for those who love to tailgate or just like to go on outdoor adventures and enjoy a nice drink.

A college essential product we found is the BoardUp Foldable Longboard. We all love riding longboards because it’s fast, provides a smooth ride, and easy to ride but what we hate about longboards is the size! Storing them can be a pain when you’re in class. That’s why we found many college students loving the BoardUp Foldable Longboard! Fold it when you’re not using it and store it away!

Another essential item everyone should have is a PhoneSoap Sanitizer! If there is one thing that we take everywhere with us and use daily, it’s our phones. Imagine all the germs and bacteria that stick to our phones throughout the day? Then to make it worse, we put our phones to our face spreading all those germs and bacteria. That’s why the PhoneSoap Sanitizer is an essential item as it cleans your smartphone without breaking it!
Another cool thing you should buy are these USB Rechargeable AA Batteries. The concept of rechargeable batteries has been around for a while now but this new way of charging your batteries is killing it in the tech world. Now you don’t need another adapter to charge your batteries. Simply plug it into anything that charges USB devices!

There’s a ton of new items always coming out that will make your life easier. The internet is your friend to finding new stuff that will make your life easier. There are many cool websites that post a lot of cool things to buy. So what are you waiting for? Make your life easier with these cool things to buy!



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