How fast can I get an Uncontested Divorce in California

How fast can I get an Uncontested Divorce in California

I firmly believe that every six years, a person goes through a serious change. Think about it: At 6, you start school. At about 12, you start hitting puberty. And then it goes on. You start hitting these different mental levels, and people change. I think that’s part of the reason the divorce rate is so high.

When you make any decision, you are willing to conduct everything fast and with no prolongations. As for the divorce process, this is not so fast action as we want it to be. In California, a divorce process can last for at least 1 year, if this divorce is considered to be a Contested one. If the divorce is an Uncontested one, so the term of such a divorce can be from 30 days to 6 months, according to the individual cases and the common county rules. I will draw your attention to the most interesting facts about the divorce procedure, moreover, I will try to comprehend all the information into the packet of various pieces of advice that may be useful for you. I have already had this experience to get a divorce in California, so, I know, what to do! Let’s see!

What is a Contested Divorce in California?

The most inconvenient type of the divorce process in the whole USA and California, in particular, is that this is a true nightmare. The couple who is going to have such a divorce must remember that within almost 1 year their life will be one unique war. From the name of the divorce process, we can see that spouses do not agree not only with the common issues but also on the basic items like a child custody or the alimony process. The couple has to hire the attorney and with the help of him/her, they will gradually find an agreement with each other. The term of such a procedure can be approximately 1 year, and, if the case is really difficult, the process can be prolonged even more. The mediation process, several court hearings, and other pleasant things are included in the whole Contested Divorce as a cherry on the top of the cake.

What is an Uncontested Divorce in California?

Such a type of the divorce is the most preferable and well-used in California, that is considered to be a No-Fault State in general. The Uncontested Divorce means that the couple has an amicable decision to terminate their marriage as fast as they can. The term of such a divorce is pretty understandable and agreeable. If the couple does not have any children and they have already agreed on the division of the marital property and other stuff, the marriage dissolution will be easier and more effective.

Ways to Shorten the Term of the Divorce

First of all, you need to analyze, what sort of the divorce you are going to have. In such a case, you will have some time to evaluate all the pros and cons of each process, think twice over your divorce with your spouse, etc. It will economize the time when you are having one divorce type and suddenly it appears to be another one. It irritates not only you but also another spouse, moreover, the Superior Court will also not be happy to change the case. The next way to shorten the divorce process is to sign all the documents that can be essential for the divorce process. The faster you do it the sooner you will get the Final Decree. It is an axiom.

A Cooling-Off Period

After filing with the Superior Court, the spouses are usually having a cooling-off period. It can last for approximately 60 calendar days. This period is scheduled to give the divorcing couple one more chance to prolong their relations and terminate the divorce process. Usually, such a chance is ignored by both spouses because the term of the possible reconciliation has already gone. The spouses are used to think that they will be separated soon, so only a minority of spouses react to the cooling-off period. Unfortunately, the statistics say that in California, the spouses divorce immediately and have no ideas to prolong their marriage. The reconciliation period will be in hand for those couples who are in the current stable war to finally realize that they are spoiling not only their life but also the life of their children, parents, etc.

Online Divorce

As a rule, the divorce preparation is a pretty long process, but the process that is much longer is a preparation of the documents to file for divorce proceedings. It looks like a problem because the spouses willing to divorce do not know the main peculiarities of how to get the knowledge of filing the documents. Companies can deceive the spouses and make money on you. To get the fastest result, I advise you to find on the internet a website that prepares documents online, cheap enough. The cost for such a preparation of the documents is $139-159. It depends on the quality of the website, the references from the clients, etc. The main deal that the preparation of the documents online is truly fast. It takes only 1-2 days. In comparison with the other means of the documents preparation, such a service is rather profitable for the divorcing couple Furthermore, such divorce documents prepared with the online service, are 100% approved by the court.

Actually, the Uncontested Divorce in California is rather a unique event that has different residency requirements, rules, regulations, etc. The main idea is to meet all them and get a Final Judgment the sooner the better. You should think about all the tiny issues that may be interesting to you, you may ask about the divorce process your friends that have already had it. Any important information can be useful. No misunderstandings or other misconceptions. The Uncontested Divorce is for sure the easiest one, but if you still have a Contested one, I recommend you to keep calm and think about your future without this pity fact in your life!


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