Top 4 Stylish Luggage in the Market

Top 4 Stylish Luggage in the Market

Luggage is one of the most important part in making your journey pleasant. Luggage also reflects your personality they tell a lot about you. So if you are a style conscious person then you must take care while choosing your travel companion. So let’s look some of the most stylish luggage in the market.

1) Delsey Luggage:
Delsey is one of the best luggage manufacturers in the world. Every luggage like these they make are of top notch and they didn’t compromise on quality. I can guarantee you that whenever you have gone on any tour you must have noticed travelers using Delsey luggage because Delsey is a worldwide famous brand and people trust them a lot.
Not only Delsey bags look stunning they are feature rich and strong too. With a global warranty, you don’t need to worry about where you have bought your luggage you got covered by the brand globally.

2) Travelpro Luggage:
Travelpro is known as the father of modern style luggage. I bet you would have never thought about any luggage that does not have wheels. What if your luggage lacks wheels? You can imagine how tiresome it would be to lift your bag wherever you move. Thanks to Bob Plath the founder of Travelpro our luggage nowadays have wheels. Travelpro luggage are affordable and super stylish too. The price point of there bags are bit high but they are totally worth it. If you are looking for an elegant bag that also last long than Tarvelpro is going to be your best bet for sure.

3)London Fog:
If you are a fan of the classical style bags than you must try your hands on London Fog luggage. These are strong bags and looks very classy and stylish. Most of the bags from London Fog are made up of durable woven houndstooth material. The only drawback these bags have are the missing of TSA locks. They come in all standard sizes like 21,24,29 inches.
But London Fog bags are quite costly according to my opinion. If you are looking for a luxurious bag that looks quite classy than look no further than London Fog Luggage.

4) Rockland Luggage:
You probably have heard the name before right? If you have heard it previously then I am sure you have one the bag from Rockland or if you have not then after reading this I am sure you will get one.

Rockland is famous for manufacturing most stylish and graphical luggage in the market and the best part is they are totally affordable. It does not matter whether you pick a set or a single bag most of them are under the budget of $100. If style is your preference and you don’t want to spend more, than look no further Rockland is just designed for you.

Do you readers like our articles on TOP 4 most stylish luggage in the market. DO you found this helpful? Do you guys have any other brand in your mind and we missed it here than let us know in the comments below.


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