Why Should You Pick A Crossbow Over a Gun

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Choosing a weapon for hunting is a very important step. Personally, I will always pick a crossbow over a gun. Let me tell you why I think that a crossbow makes a perfect stealth weapon.

Other than its elegance and aesthetic, it is totally quiet contrary to a gun that is definitely loud and can scare the animals away. It’s less troublesome to use a compound bow than a gun.

So as a huge crossbow lover, I will share with you the reasons why I think a crossbow is a great choice when it comes to hunting.

Crossbows vs. Guns: Which One is Better?

If you think that a crossbow is not as precise as a gun, then you’re wrong. Scopes and red dot sights can be easily mounted on crossbows. You can easily purchase them in stores or online.

You also have a jump on other hunters, in a lot of states, hunting is only permitted during archery season, and only a few states will let you hunt in all the seasons or during the entire deer season. In both ways, you are out there hunting earlier than firearm guys, and you also get to be out there longer than them.

If you have tried a firearm before, and want to switch to bow hunting, a crossbow should be your first option since you aim it just like your rifle. And there’s not much learning about curves as there is with a compound bow.

Purchasing a crossbow is much easier than purchasing a gun, it is a lot less entailed when it’s about the red tape, you don’t have to go through a background check when you are purchasing a crossbow. Of course, the price also makes a huge difference, a hunting rifle is much more expensive than a hunting crossbow. So if you think about it, every time you go out hunting you would be saving money by using a crossbow instead of a rifle, and the results are the same.

Let me tell you more about the stealth aspect of a hunting crossbow, you won’t have to worry about the loud noise caused by the rifle anymore, the other animals that are nearby won’t notice your presence. It is quick and silent, and gives you more chances of getting more than one prey in the same area,

Let’s not forget that using a crossbow will save you some additional purchases, since you can use the same bolts over again, of course, you can’t use the same bullets twice, I came across a guy on the internet that pointed out that he would always have ammunition for his crossbow since he could make his own arrows. It may not be too important, but it can be helpful for some people.

When it comes to comparing a crossbow to a hunting bow, I still think that the crossbow is better, its design and shape is built perfectly for people who are difficulties using a bow. It is very easy to use and manipulate. You just need to work on adjusting your position and staying still. When in comparison, the crossbow is considered a much better counterpart of the hunting bow for its easy and simple utility that even the un-athletic users can handle.

The best crossbow offers an easy and simple solution for the position whether in stillness or in motion unlike the complicated stance offered by the hunting bow which needs more focus and tires the muscle in a fast rate. That, in turn, makes hunting much easier as you no longer need to tire yourself needlessly while at the same time focusing unto the prey, but simply wait for the perfect shot. After all, it is better to be locked and ready to take your next shot before even closing in on your game. Experienced hunters would argue that the act of drawing the string of the hunting bow will have a better a result after all the stroke of 50 cm is weaker than a stroke of 75 cm.


While choosing a gun for hunting may seem like an obvious choice, there are many other weapons that you can use instead, including the mighty crossbow.


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